Starting from Scratch

I’ve been called the “complicated” chef because I make almost everything from scratch. I believe creating good food starts with learning the basics and using quality ingredients.

I decided to create this blog even though I already have another one. Starting from scratch has its complications and feelings of frustration. I realize it is just like my cooking. I’m having to learn the basics and how every everything interacts with each other. I press on with each mistake and error in this new blog.

I am hoping “Spoons of Wisdom”  will evolve into something inspiring, helpful and always with a bit of wisdom.

“Achievement is not always defined by victory. Sometimes achievement lies in the honest endeavor to do your best under all circumstances, knowing that on any given day, intense personal effort may be the only thing that separates you from your competition. To be your best, grab your paddle and get moving.” 

from the book Guide Coaching, by Monique Honaman, Ellen Dotts, Stacy Sollenberger


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