Colorado or Bust Pt 1

Our travels are a highlight of our life experiences. My husband and I have fond memories of all the places we traveled to. This year Colorado was a special time away. We were fortunate to be invited by our longtime and dearest friends to stay at their vacation home. It was a trip full of adventure and wonderful times of fellowship. Bill and Donna were the perfect hosts and knowledgeable guides for our fabulous week in Glenwood Springs.

From the time we landed till the end of our stay our days were truly memorable.

A short train ride from Denver International airport to the Denver Union train station. I just love train stations with its history and nostalgia. We then hopped on another train to the Jefferson County Government Center where our friends parked their car. We drove a few miles north to the quaint town of Golden.

Golden Colorado-

Home of the School of Mines
Coors Brewery
Adolf Coors, founder of Coors Brewery

The town of Golden is a fun place to browse and spend a few hours. We saw the Coors brewery amidst beautiful landscape and the river rushing alongside. The landscape will take your breath away. And it did.

Glenwood Springs


I wanted a challenge…

Our friend Bill had told us about this 40-mile bike ride from Aspen. It sounded like fun and so I suggested we do it. But we needed a little practice before we attempted the longest bike ride of my life.


A short ride around the trails in Glenwood Springs was a good practice run.

An unforgettable biking trip

A 30-minute bus ride to Aspen will get you to the bike trail that leads back to Glenwood Springs. I’ve never been to Aspen and it’s beautiful. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.




I loved the town of Aspen with its flower boxes and quaint shops, but we are now ready to hit the trail. 40 miles back to Glenwood Springs.

After 40 miles and a strong headwind during the last 10 miles, we needed a ….

Jacuzzi and relaxing our poor tushies and legs. We all made it back safe and sound. And now we get to brag about it.

There are more places and activities to cover as we continue our stay in Colorado:

  • Air Force Academy Football game
  • Grand Junction visit with family
  • The Monument drive





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