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A Love of Chocolate Cake


Chocolate cake has never been a favorite dessert of mine. It’s one of those desserts I never order at a restaurant and I rarely even eat it.  I’m also very picky about eating store bought baked goods.  I actually rarely eat desserts if they aren’t home made and/or of quality ingredients. If that isn’t picky enough I go so far as it being gluten free and refined sugar free as a criteria. Or most of the times anyway.

I love to bake for special occasions and there have been several in recent weeks.  I am always on the lookout for something new I haven’t made before.  I came across this paleo gluten free chocolate cake on Facebook.  I follow this beautiful genius cook named Ashley from My Heart Beets and she posted a Paleo GF Chocolate cake.  It was given such high praise, well I had to try it.

It’s paleo- and gluten free.  The cake is sweetened with maple syrup and uses almond flour and coconut flour.  Just my kind of ingredients.  And if you buy the dairy free Good for Life chocolate chips it’s even healthier. The frosting makes this even more decadent. The smooth glossy, rich, chocolatey frosting is easy to make and looks like a pastry chef made it.

There were several occasions in the past weeks where I got the opportunity to indulge myself and my guests to this decadent but healthy, delicious chocolate cake.  I’ve made the same chocolate cake 3 times and about to be 4 within the past 7 weeks.  Several birthdays and a going away party.  All of my guests and my husband loved this cake.  I guess I can say I “love” chocolate cake when it’s this cake I am eating.



Not your ordinary hot dog!

Hot dogs are a popular food item when it comes to barbecues and holidays.  In commemoration of 4th of July and our Independence Day I thought this would be the perfect menu item.  They’re called Bagel Dogs. Not your ordinary hot dogs.

Whenever possible I look for meats that are nitrite and nitrate free.  Nitrites and nitrates are preservatives and are often found in processed meats such as hot dogs, bacon, ham, sausages etc.  I found the Applegate brand of beef hot dogs were on sale at Whole Foods Market.  These hot dogs are 100% organic, nitrate free, gluten free,  hormone free and made from grass fed beef.  They are still pricey at $8.99 for 7 hot dogs. (includes the sale price of $1 off) It’s still worth it to me.  But why only 7 in a package and not 8?

This recipe makes dough for 4 Bagel hot dogs. I guess you can stretch it to wrap all 7 hotdogs. I just made 4 since this was my first time making this recipe.  It was very easy to make and takes less than a 45 min to make these delicious Bagel Dogs.  They’re called Bagel Dogs because they’re rolled in sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion flakes and garlic flakes.  I left off the garlic flakes since I forgot to get it while I was at Whole Foods.  I’ll remember to add it next time since I love anything with garlic.


This recipe is gluten free. Oh yeah!  The only real work involved in making these is kneading the dough consisting of cream cheese and mozzarella along with almond meal, xantham gum and an egg. It takes a little effort getting this all mixed together to form a uniform dough.

I love eating hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard.  I don’t remember how I came to love eating sauerkraut growing up on Maui. I think it must be from living else where. That’s where most of my foodie experiences came from.  My husband likes his with pickle relish. He has a sweet tooth. It also helps to balance all the saltiness from the mustard and the sauerkraut.  Too bad we were out of relish.


The Bagel Dogs were a delicious hit. This recipe is a keeper and my husband thinks so too.  It’s an inexpensive and healthy way to celebrate Independence Day on Maui.

Estimated cost: $1.60 per hot dog includes the mustard and homemade sauerkraut. It may be even less depending on where you live and the cost of the ingredients.

Thank you to The Primitive Palate for this great recipe.

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