40 Miles from Aspen

Aspen is definitely a popular destination for sighting celebrities and where the rich and famous live and play. It boasts of infamous restaurants, high-end shops, and great skiing. It wasn’t really about Aspen. We were there for the starting point of an adventure.

We started off from Glenwood Springs where we got on a bus with our bikes. A 30-minute bus ride that took us straight into downtown Aspen.

Lifesize bear made from thousands of nails.

We took some time walking around and looking at the shops and restaurants. We even bought some T-Shirts to commemorate our bike ride.

What’s this adventure? Well, from downtown Aspen, we planned to ride the bike trail 40 miles back to Glenwood Springs. That’s the reason we put our bikes on the bus. This trip had been done by our friends several times. So I had faith I could do it.

Ready or not we were on our way.

There were some interesting things to see along the bike trail.

Steel Bridge over the river.

We rode on the trail that ran parallel to the Colorado River. We stopped for a rest a few times. I sure needed it. The terrain was flat most of the way and made it for a fairly easy ride.

Waterfall down the side of the hill.

Bear signs everywhere. I was happy we didn’t see any real bears. Just the big naily one in Aspen.

Beautiful view of the Colorado River.
Goat labor

These goats were surrounded by an electric fence. They were put there to eat the shrub. I guess it’s cheaper than hiring people to do the landscaping.

4 hours later and we made it back to Glenwood Springs without incident. Not including the lunch stop before our last 10 miles home. That was the hardest part of the trip. Riding your bike in headwinds after already riding for 3+ hours. Ouch! It truly was an adventure.

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